About Us

Welcome to the esteemed Pasadena Bar Association, a leading organization in both the national and local legal community.

The Pasadena Bar Association takes immense pride in the rich diversity of its membership, which encompasses a wide range of legal practices that significantly contribute to the vibrant and thriving legal landscape of Pasadena. Our association brings together legal professionals specializing in various areas of expertise, including Antitrust & Unfair Competition, Business Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, Labor & Employment Law, Litigation, Public Law, Real Property Law, Taxation, Trusts & Estates, and Workers’ Compensation. This diverse representation not only reflects the dynamic nature of the legal profession but also ensures that our members have access to a robust network of knowledge and experience.

At the Pasadena Bar Association, our primary mission is to assist our members in developing and enhancing their legal practices. We achieve this by providing an extensive array of resources, information, and services tailored to meet the evolving needs of legal professionals. From access to relevant and up-to-date legal information to networking opportunities that foster meaningful connections, we are dedicated to equipping our members with the tools they need to succeed. Our comprehensive range of offerings includes career development programs, continuing education opportunities, and additional resources aimed at promoting professional growth and advancement.

Since our establishment in 1917, the Pasadena Bar Association has remained steadfast in its commitment to advancing the science of jurisprudence, promoting the administration of justice, and upholding the honor and dignity of the legal profession. We take a proactive approach to achieve these objectives by spearheading numerous initiatives that benefit not only our members but also the broader legal community, the judiciary, and the society at large. Through collaborative efforts and strategic partnerships, we actively contribute to the progress and improvement of the legal system while fostering public trust and confidence in the profession.

Membership with the Pasadena Bar Association is open to various categories, ensuring inclusivity and representation. Whether you are an active practitioner, a distinguished barrister, a newly admitted member to the State Bar of California, a judicial officer, a retired or inactive professional seeking to stay connected, or a student eager to explore the legal realm, there is a place for you within our association. By joining our dynamic and inclusive community, you gain access to a wealth of opportunities for networking, collaboration, and growth. We believe in the power of collective expertise and the transformative potential of fostering meaningful connections among legal professionals. Embrace the possibilities that come with being a part of the Pasadena Bar Association and embark on a rewarding professional journey that maximizes your potential and unlocks new horizons.

Take the first step in elevating your legal career by exploring the possibilities of joining the Pasadena Bar Association. Discover how we can empower you with the resources, support, and opportunities needed to achieve your professional goals. Together, we can shape the future of the legal profession and make a positive impact on our community.